Jennings J70 / J71

Jennings J70 / J71

After Tom Jennings left Vox, he formed Jennings Electronic Industries, and produced a few organs under his own name. Except for the “normal” colored keyboards, they look remarkably similar to the Vox models, and appear to share many common traits. The model numbers (probably) indicate the year in which they were made or sold.

The sound is definitly recognizable as a Vox sound, to my opinion only a little bit “thinner”. When adjusting the drawbars, you can create a very fine and rich church-organ sound.

Personnaly i like the keybed. The action is very direct when pressing a key, which gives you the opportunity to create nice staccato effects. (great for funk!)

The quality of the key-contacts (actually the whole keymodule mechanism) looks much better to me than the common Vox organ key-components.


Tabs(left side): Mellow, Pulse On, Pulse Slow/Fast, Tone I, Tone II, Tone III


  • Bass: Two drawbars, for volume and tone
  • Lower Manual: 16′, 8′, 4′, IV, Tone (two, probably “~” and “M”)
  • Upper Manual: 16′, 8′, 5-1/3′, 4′, 2-2/3′, 2′, 1-3/5′, 1′, Tone (two, probably “~” and “M”)

Tabs(right side): Mellow, Perc, Perc 8′, Perc 4′, Perc 2-2/3′, Perc 2′

Left of upper Keyboard:

  • Knobs: Pedal Sustain, Tremolo Speed.
  • Rocker switches: Bass 16′/8′, Tremolo, Vibrato

Back panel: Slide switch to select Pedal or Manual bass.