Vox Jaguar

Vox Jaguar | V-304 E2 | more photos

The Vox Jaguar was introduced in 1966. They were exclusively Italian-built - no Jaguar was ever made in the UK, except for the Heathkit model, which might have been “built” anywhere in the world. It was a much simpler design, but was capable of some very good sounds, including some that sounded reminiscent of the Continental itself. The Jaguar was built into the same case as the Continental, and could easily be mistaken for one from a distance, especially from behind.

There were three main Jaguar variations:

  • Model V304: Dished rocker tabs, no Contour control, Same Continental top with gold “VOX” nameplate on the right. Produced around 1966-1967, and manufactured by GEM. According to Tersino Ilari, the relationship between JMI and GEM preceded the EME consortium

  • Model V304/E2: Flat rocker tabs, Contour control, black “Vox Jaguar” nameplate. Most Jaguars are of this type Produced around 1967 and later. These were manufactured by EME, which is probably what the “E” stands for. On some of these, the paper id tag on the inside says the model number is V304E. Also, on many of the metal ID badges, it looks like the “E2″ part has been pasted on.

  • Heathkit: These were marketed by Heathkit, makers of numerous “built-it-yourself” electronic equipment kits. The Heathkit Jaguars are pretty much indistinguishable from the V304/E2 models, except for the word “Heathkit” added to the front and back logo plates.


  • Knobs: Contour, Bass Volume
  • Tabs: Vibrato Off/On, Bass Chords Off/On, Flute, Bright, Brass, Mellow.

used source: www.combo-organ.com