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Gibson G-101

• Saturday, December 27th, 2008
Brand            : Gibson                                                  

Model            : G-101                                                  

Year             : 1967                                                  

Serialnr.        : na
From where       : Ebay (US)                                                  

Received         : August, 18, 2008                                                  

State            : Pretty damaged

Some photos of the “received state”

Gibson G101 damaged 002 Gibson G101 damaged 001 Gibson G101 damaged 003
Gibson G101 damaged 004 Gibson G101 damaged 005 Gibson G101 damaged 006

Today (09/08/2009), almost a year later, i restarted the project. Next week i have off and reserved some time to do some cosmetic and cleaning works (retolexing the case and cover and cleanup the guts & keys).

Below some photos from the first stripping actions; first I removed the (shuffled) keys and put them in the dishwasher. Ofcourse I adjusted an acceptable temperature, else the black keys plastic would be damaged or the color changes into a vague black/blue color. Next I removed all the guts, which was actually quite easy to do. After this (next day) I carried the empty case and cover outside and ripped off all the tolex (vinyl / jute) which was strongly glued on the wood. But with some painting tools (putty knife, wallscraper) it was fixed within three hours.

Gibson G-101 without keys Gibson G-101 empty case Gibson G-101 Empty
Gibson G-101 casing Gibson G-101 stripped case Gibson G-101 old tolex

The next job wil be restorating the case. There are several holes and damaged (missing) wooden parts. Even the whole wooden left-side of the case was already gone when I received the organ. (see first pictures) So let’s start with sawing, filling, sanding, molding etc….

Gibson G-101 - Damaged corner Gibson G-101 - Damaged corner Gibson G-101 - new wooden left side
Gibson G-101 - new wooden left side closeup Gibson G-101 - filling holes Gibson G-101 - overview

Filling more cracks…

Gibson G-101 - wood damaged Gibson G-101 - filling Gibson G-101 - filling
Gibson G-101 - wood crack Gibson G-101 - filling Gibson G-101 - filling

The case is finally finished after hours of filling and sanding. I tried to find the original covering / bookcloth / tolex / vinyl that was used in 1967. I didn’t managed to find something similar. A friend of mine that knows a lot of covering materials analysed the Gibson cloth which seems to be a linen material, drenched in transparent liquid latex (so the linen got more stiff). After this process the covering was probably painted (beige & green). Because the original covering looks more like “cotton” instead of tolex, i decided to use a material that was more close to cotton then (Fender / Rhodes) tolex. The only descent “cotton-like” material i could found was Fender’s “Tweed” covering. They used it for amps. Since i couldn’t found the original (or close to) covering i didn’t want to do concessions for surrogates.

Actually i am quite happy with the look! Actually i used the back of the covering which is more neutral beige with brown. The other side (that Fender uses) is more yellow with brown. I save the yellow/brown side for the front. The Gibson is originally covered with beige on the sides and the back, then the green on the front. For the green on the front i will use the yellow/brown side from the tweed. In this way i keep the “color-twist” and it does (a little bit) justice to the original.

Gibson G-101 - reclothing Gibson G-101 - reclothing Gibson G-101 - reclothing
Gibson G-101 - reclothing Gibson G-101 - reclothing Gibson G-101 - reclothing

And the next day the front with logo!

Gibson G-101 - reclothing Gibson G-101 - reclothing Gibson G-101 - reclothingGibson G-101 - reclothing