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Fender Rhodes Mark I ‘79

• Thursday, January 3rd, 2008
Brand            : Rhodes

Model            : Mark I

Year             : 1979 (manufactured "week 42, 1979")

Serialnr.        : 4279 
From where       : Marktplaats (NL)

Received         : 10 october 2007

State            : Pretty damaged

Some photos of the “received state”

dsc035411.JPG dsc035431.JPG dsc035421.JPG
dsc035441.JPG dsc035451.JPG dsc035461.JPG


• Sunday, January 6th, 2008

First wrap of the old filthy tolex…

dsc03588.JPG dsc03589.JPG dsc03620.JPG

Start tolexing the edges…..

dsc03625.JPG dsc03622kopie.jpg dsc03624.JPG

And finally…

dsc03634.JPG dsc036361.JPG dsc03640.JPG

Cheekblocks repair

• Monday, January 28th, 2008

Sanding, starting with waterproof sheets (240) then filling the holes with 2 component filler and after continue with polishing. First 400, 800 and then finishing with 1200 waterproof.

dsc03670.JPG dsc03672.JPG dsc03673.JPG

Next week; painting the cheeckblocks with a spray can