update! (11/15/2010)

In the beginning of this year we have formed an authentic Doors tribute band, called ”The Doors in Concert”. Recently i have created and uploaded some movies to youtube, “real” movies will follow, until then enjoy this material via my channel or the bands channel.

Website of  The Doors in Concert (http://www.thedoorsinconcert.com)

Since music is an import art for me, i like to share my own interests with others. The main reason for the existence of this site is my devotion to The Doors, vintage combo organs and pianos.doors1.gifThis americanrock band (1965 - 1971) means a lot to me. The music, the lyrics and the poetry from this band inspires me enormously.Since I am a keyboard player myself i am primarily interested in the instruments Ray Manzarek (Keyboard player from The Doors) used in this 1965 - 1971 period. These instruments are, besides playing on them, aswell a great hobby to me.On this site you will find information and inspiration from;- The Doors (bandmembers, discography, images)- Vox Electronic Organs (history, models, photos, schemes, restauration projects)- Gibson Electronic Organs (history, models, photos, schemes)- Fender Rhodes Pianos (history, models, photos, manuals)- My music- Great sites, links to a lot of information and resources-  Click here to go to our webshop.Enjoy! ~ Reinout